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Anuroop Singh describes how creative self expression through the heart can establish magical results. He is changing paradigms of thought through the understanding that the human body is substantially energy and has created The Quantum Institute of Wellbeing in Delhi to showcase positive health through root cause diagnosis and integrated therapies.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews business leader and healing entrepreneur Anuroop Tony Singh in Paris, France.

With over 30 years executive experience in the financial services industry Anuroop is currently the non-executive vice chairman of Max Life Insurance Company.

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Wisdom, care & personal growth….

Anuroop is deeply passionate about philanthropic endeavours and personal growth. He is currently on the Board of Directors of SOS Children’s Villages of India, a non-profit organisation providing homes to orphaned children in 32 Villages and 122 allied and community projects. HeĀ is a trustee of The Kailasa Project an intentional sustainable community in Tamil Nadu.

Anuroop is a founder and pioneer of The Quantum Institute For Wellbeing in Delhi – a community of seekers collaborating for personal wellbeing.

He believes that everybody is unique, that we have an intelligent operating system and the capacity to heal ourselves. To beĀ conscious of who we really are and to live life in alignment with our true nature is vital to wellbeing.

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