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Suicide & Lost Innocence

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Brandee’s father was in the music industry and suicided when she was 5 years old, an event which changed her life forever. Her mother turned to drugs and Brandee was left in charge of the family. Brandee explains that all the emotions and pain locked inside, came out as a teenager in high school and how an assault by a friend led her down a new path.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews entrepreneur Brandee Alessandra in Beverly Hills, California.

Through the suicide of her father at 5 years old and a dysfunctional childhood, Brandee survived and thrived to share her profound life story.

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Brandee the entrepreneur & innovator…

Brandee has a record of success in creating, building, and managing innovative companies in a variety of industries. She was co-Founder of Dream Giant, a cause based marketing and branding incubator, and previous to that was CEO at Satya Global, a transmedia marketing and branding company specialising in direct marketing of consumer products. Brandee shares her deeply personal story and her transformation that has led her to support many social and community projects. Her current position is at Rythmia Life Advancement Centre which focuses on improving people’s lives with natural medicines & holistic therapies.

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