Dr Stanley Kamau Maina

Shattering Shame

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Dr Stanley Kamau explains that after making some money in business he decided to give back to the village and community where he grew up in Kenya. There he saw the immense impact that the disease ‘jiggers’ had on many peoples live and having suffered from jigger infestation himself as a child he is inspired to find a way to treat the disease and help break the shame of jigger infestation.

David Roy Green of WHEN interviews health pioneer Dr Stanley Kamau Maina in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr Stanley Kamau is the founder and executive director of the Ahadi Kenya Trust which is dedicated to the eradication of the disease ‘Jiggers’ in Kenya & beyond.

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A passion and purpose for healing…

Dr Kamau founded the Ahadi Kenya Trust which has successfully pioneered the healing of ‘Jiggers’ a disease of sand flea infestation which has devastating physical & psychological effects on millions of people in Africa.

This collaborative movement has helped more than 300,000 Kenyan’s recover from its debilitating effects and has empowered communities by creating a healthier life for people in Kenya and beyond.

A personal experience of jiggers as a child and a near death experience, awakened Dr Kamau & ignited his passion & purpose to help others.

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