Dr Sylva Dvorak

An Escape To Freedom

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Dr Sylva shares the story of her Czech family heritage, her grandfather being an underground spy during the war and her father part of the resistance movement in communist Czechoslovakia. Sylva tells of when she was a young child in the 60’s, her family secretly escaped to Austria as refugees, finally finding a home in the USA.

David Roy Green of WHEN interviews psychoneurologist and social entrepreneur Dr Sylva Dvorak in Encinitas, California.

Sylva Dvorak PhD is a Doctor of Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing with a whole-person approach to health and well being.

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From behind the Iron Curtain ~ the challenges and transformation…

Born in the Czechoslavakia, Sylva shares the story of her escape from Eastern Europe, her experiences of being a refugee as a young child and the transformation that those challenges brought to her life.

Sylva’s passion for integrating ancient wisdom with psychology and neuroscience has led her to co-author the New York Times Bestseller ‘Your Hidden Riches’ with Janet and Chris Attwood.

Dr Sylva is Executive Director of non profit the ‘I AM Foundation’ whose mission is to empower the most vulnerable children and adults worldwide through self-esteem literacy, resiliency education and social entrepreneurship training.

As a Psychoneurologist Dr. Sylva has a private practice based in Southern California.

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Editor – Stefanie Watkins