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Kamal shares how he found his calling when as a newly married young man in a typical corporate career, he faced the death of his 3 day old daughter.

Bear Dogz of WHEN interviews leadership pioneer and author Kamal Sarma in Sydney, Australia.

Kamal Sarma is the CEO of Rezilium a unique company which specialises in leadership development with a focus on inspiration and personal growth to create self responsibility and resilience in organisations and the community.

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The loss of a child & rediscovering purpose…

Training as a monk in India during his teens, Kamal then worked in corporate finance management in Sydney for many years. His story is one of personal loss and transformation of emotional turmoil to rediscover himself and uncover his purpose.

Kamal is the author of the international bestseller, Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity – How to Develop the Focus of a Warrior and the Peace of a Monk. He speaks globally on resilience and leadership. Kamal’s book, The Leadership Leap: (UN) Learning How to Lead, was featured on Google Talks.

In addition to work within the corporate world Kamal’s company Rezilium are committed to supporting the wider community through their inspirational youth programmes and events in Australia and assisting organisations that rescue and rehabilitate child sex workers and child soldiers internationally.

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