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Overcoming Child Abuse

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Liz Mullinar describes how she came to found the Heal For Life Foundation through a personal journey to heal her childhood trauma. She explains the healing capacity of the brain after trauma and its potential to heal both physical and mental health issues including addictions, eating disorders and violence.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews Heal for Life Foundation founder and author Liz Mullinar in Cessnock, Australia.

A former Casting Director, Liz Mullinar has inspired many people on their journey to heal child abuse through her own experience of childhood trauma.

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Healing programmes for child abuse trauma…

Liz is a survivor of childhood trauma and child abuse. She founded the Heal For Life Foundation (Mayumarri) in 1999, utilising her innate knowledge as a survivor of child abuse to formulate a programme to empower others to heal themselves from child abuse.

Liz has authored two books “Breaking The Silence” and “The Liz Mullinar Story” published by Hodder Headline to encourage anyone who has suffered from childhood trauma or abuse to heal. Liz has won many awards for her groundbreaking work.

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