Nadine Heimann

From Terror To True Connection

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Nadine shares a ‘light bulb moment’ when experiencing emotionally traumatic fight flight reactions within her relationships age 26. She realised the connection with her own childhood trauma, began her own healing journey and discovered her life’s mission.

David Roy Green of WHEN interviews actor Nadine Heimann in Los Angeles, California.

Nadine is an actor, a dedicated artist and a humanitarian. She believes creative self-expression has the power to change the world and that we need to set our youth up for success by educating their whole being and inspiring them to live their most creative life.

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Healing trauma and true connection…

Nadine found her calling in humanitarian services teaching theatre to developmentally disabled adults at the Mi-Star Nonprofit and then served as CEO of HOW – Helping Others Worldwide for two years implementing a Healing Arts Program for orphaned youth in Sierra Leone.

Nadine founded True Connection in 2012 to begin a movement that believes in the power of self expression, of empathy, connectedness and love.

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