Nani Croze & Dr Eric Krystall

Art Uniting Community

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Nani discusses the power of art to heal and unite community and how she founded the first Waldorf Steiner School in Kenya. Eric reflects on the challenges of racial discrimination that he witnessed in both South Africa and Alabama, USA in his earlier life. He also shares some of his educational puppet projects that have brought awareness to AIDS, domestic abuse and family planning in Kenya.

David Roy Green of WHEN interviews social entrepreneurs Nani Croze & Dr Eric Krystall in Kitengela, Kenya.

Nani & Eric are the guardians of Kitengela Glass a magical community of art next to Nairobi National Park.

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The healing art of nature and animals…

Nani is the daughter of the German artist Hap Grieshaber. A life long artist herself she is the founder of Kitengela Glass which has brought pioneering glass making skills to Africa. Local workers are trained in the art of creating unique artisan recycled glass products which are sold all over the world. Nani founded the 1st Waldorf Steiner School in Africa, she has planted thousands of trees locally & was central in the preservation of the Silole Sanctuary as a nature reserve.

Eric is a lifelong educator, born in South Africa with an awareness of apartheid, he moved to Alabama and was a professor at the Tuskegee Institute the USA’s first black college, during the height of the civil rights movement in the 60’s. After returning to Africa Eric was a founder of the puppet education movement in Kenya, creating awareness of family planning, domestic abuse, HIV-AIDS and other key issues.

‘Swimming Through Life’ is a book that Eric has published about his experiences. 

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