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Cervical Cancer Healing

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Tessa shares her extraordinary story of recovery from cervical cancer and her deep connection with her daughter Sita.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews Oxygen Bar owner & movement instructor Tessa Cisneros in Venice, California.

On being told that she needed a full hysterectomy to survive cervical cancer, Tessa heard the voice of her unconceived daughter Sita saying ‘I’m on my way…clean up your environment Mom!’. Tessa shares her powerful healing journey through sexual abuse and cervical cancer and the healing approaches that she embraced.

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Oxygen for life…

Every day we breathe 20,000 times.
90% of our energy comes from oxygen, only 10% from food and water.
The brain, which makes up 2% of our total mass, requires 20% of the body’s oxygen. Research shows that our vital lung capacity decreases 5% with every decade of life.

Nearly all cancer begins due to lack of cell oxygenation.

Tessa offers Pura Vida O2 oxygen and yoga at Dr. Lisa Masterson’s Ocean Oasis Medical Day Spa in Santa Monica.

For more details on the Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland see here.

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