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I believe life to be a constant journey of healing, a moment to moment process of becoming ever more self aware.

At the age of 44, I became conscious that I had experienced significant trauma as a child, the knowledge of which allowed me to ‘make sense’ of my life challenges for the first time. I travelled the world to understand the science of trauma and the many ways of healing – interviewing trauma healing pioneers, practitioners and witnessing personal stories of transformation to share with others.

WHEN is a showcase of the amazing people I encountered and their individual and collective solutions ~ David 

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I believe life to be a constant journey of healing a moment to moment process of becoming ever more self aware…

WHEN is my journey around the world to heal trauma from childhood sexual abuse which had been held in my unconscious for over 40 years. With the help of leading trauma healing pioneers and practitioners I explore the deep psychological impact of childhood trauma on the brain and body as well as the hidden confusions that it creates in the psyche.

As well as filming personal stories of healing, I interview trauma practitioners and experience cutting edge healing modalities and approaches to educate, give hope and show a way forward to others who are facing similar trauma related challenges.

I am integrating a wide variety of healing knowledge from many gifted practitioners and it is giving me a deep personal understanding of the processes involved in healing emotional & physical trauma. This knowledge and these therapeutic approaches are helping me to uncover an inner peace and are allowing me to experience feelings of passion, joy and love in myself which I was unable to feel previously due to my early experiences.

WHEN – the World Healing Electronic Network – is a gift I wish to share with others to raise awareness of ways to face and resolve trauma. 


DOP, Sound & Editing – The Zone UK
Camera – Roger Edwards
Editor – Stefanie Watkins
Still Photography – Karen Ballard