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Sexual Brain and Orgasm


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Discussing sexuality and orgasm in men and women and how brain differences affect how men and women respond differently in relationship and the work of David Deida and Mantak Chia.

David Roy Green of WHEN interviews Breakthrough Relationship Coach Ray Doktor.

Ray Doktor Psy. D. popularly known as Dr Ray, specialises in relationship coaching, couples coaching and intimacy and sexuality issues.

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Sexuality, relationships and self love…

After a traumatic childhood and teens, Ray awakened to a deeper understanding on reading Louise Hay’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ and started to focus on his own healing journey at the age of 23.

He studied for many years and received degree’s in human behavior & counseling psychology & a doctorate in clinical psychology.

Dr Ray also trained in and incorporates hypnotherapy, gestalt therapy, guided imagery, EMDR, NLP, Psych –K, meditation, qi gong, sound healing and Somatic Experiencing into his work.

He has seen over 5000 clients in the past 17 years with a 90% success rate.

Dr Ray has a free e book Your Relationship Blueprint – 2 simple steps to break old patterns and create thriving relationships.

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