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A Man Of Nature


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Wyn shares what his life has been about virtually since he was born – his relationship with nature and The Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

David Roy Green of WHEN interviews conservationist, naturalist and educator Wyn Jones in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

‘The natural places tell us the story of who we are in their own language.’

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Adventurer in the Blue Mountains…

A ‘man of the earth’ Wyn’s passion and conservation campaigns helped lead the Greater Blue Mountains Area to become inaugurated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. His many projects include ’Earth Journeys’, an award winning “enviro-cultural” education schools programme introducing young people and ‘at risk’ youth to natural life in the bush.

Wyn shares a rare depth of passion and understanding which offers meaning to ourselves through our relationship with nature. He has organised many long distance bush walks and expresses his love for the Blue Mountains through photography, poetry and writing.

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