Dr Allan N Schore

The Origin Of Addiction & Disease

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Dr Allan Schore reveals that physical diseases and psychological disorders, including the major addictions, all have their origins in the first few years of life.

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Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews trauma healing & neuroscience pioneer Dr Allan N Schore in Los Angeles, California.

Professor of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychotherapist and Neuropsychologist Dr Schore’s vocation to understand the origins of trauma has resulted in his groundbreaking research integrating neuroscience with attachment theory.

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The science of the origins of trauma…

Dr Allan Schore is the author of six seminal volumes:
Affect Regulation and The Origin Of The Self
Affect Dysregulation and The Disorders Of The Self
Affect Regulation and The Repair Of The Self
The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy
Right Brain Psychotherapy
The Development of the Unconscious Mind

Dr Schore is past editor of the Norton series on Interpersonal Neurobiology and a reviewer on the editorial staff of 45 journals and has received a number of honours for his work.

He has had a private psychotherapy practice for five decades.

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