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Violent Childhood & Homelessness

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Miguel tells his childhood story, his mother dying of cancer when he was a baby and the effects of having an abusive and violent step mum. He shares his journey through the emotional pain and the beliefs that came from those early experiences.

Bear Dogz aka David Roy Green of WHEN interviews coach, author and youth leader Miguel Dean in Malvern, UK.

Miguel shares his extraordinary life journey. Homeless for 7 years and an addict he was inspired to change through the love for his newborn son.

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From addiction and homelessness to healing and purpose…

After a tumultuous childhood, leaving home Miguel found himself immersed in an underworld of drugs and violence. 18 years later he is now an expert at facilitating behavioural change having helped hundreds of homeless adults and business executives to also transform their lives. From many years working with disadvantaged youth he had a calling to ‘step up’ further and share his message to the wider world that business as usual is no longer an option!

He continues to learn from life’s more recent challenges such as illness and divorce and lives by the mantra that it is not so much what happens to us in life but how we respond to what happens that makes the difference.

Miguel shares that writing his book ‘Stepping Stones In The Mist’ was an experiment in vulnerability. He was curious as to how people would respond when he shared dark times and long felt shame as well as his healing and transformation. The response to his honesty has been tremendous and has inspired many! 

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